Congratulations to Carter and Talitha

Congratulations Carter and Talitha on their beautiful ceremony Sunday (July 16), 2016 in Malette Park in Red River, New Mexico. The ceremony was my first handfasting celebration and it was a very moving and beautiful experience. Bless you.


Wedding today

shoesIt is an honor to announce my first handfasting today, in Red River, New Mexico. It’s a last-minute favor for a friend and what will prove to be a magnificent adventure for the couple at hand. Photos and more to come.

a poem about prayer by C.S. Lewis


Master they say that when I seem
To be in speech with you,
Since you make no replies, it’s all a dream
– One talker aping two.

The are half right, but not as they
imagine; rather, I
Seek in myself the things I meant to say,
And lo! The well’s are dry.

Then, seeing me empty, you forsake
The listener’s role, and through
My dead lips breathe and into utterance wake
The thoughts I never knew.

And thus you neither need reply
Nor can; thus while we seem
Two talking, thou art One forever, and I
No dreamer, but thy dream.

C.S. Lewis

A fine beginning

Red Cross
I have a little program called Oxidizer that makes fractals. I set the parameters, press [enter] and when I come back there are sometimes a beautiful image. Like creatures from another understanding or like graphical representation of other realities and orders of being, these fractals pulse with beauty or chaos.