About Sister Melody

Sister MelodySister Melody has been a student of world religions and metaphysics almost as long as she has had physical form. Her interests are drawn from multiple disciplines, Anglicanism, astrology, numerology and shamanism. Her approach is eclectic, yet grounded in our common story.

A resident of Taos since 1986, Sister Melody has written and edited for several publications in the Taos area, including a long-standing relationship as an editor, writer or columnist with The Taos News, The Taos Historical Society, Taos Magazine, Taos Experience, Art Talk, Southwest Art and more.

She has written books about paranormal Taos and conducted several investigations with New Mexico Research and Investigation of the Paranormal (NMRIP). Melody is also a musician and singer who has performed in many Taos and Northern New Mexico venues since moving to the area, plus she also contributes to the Creative Commons as a composer and producer.